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D Head 420

The Model D Weld Head is capable of reproducing all the precise motions of a skilled manual GTAW welder. It is specifically designed for multipass pipe welding applications and consistently produces welds meeting the most stringent code quality standards.

Used with Pipemaster Power Source Models, the D-Head improves productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates and producing welds of consistent quality. The compact head is ideal for smaller diameter pipe applications with limited radial and axial clearance around the weld.

The D-Head mounts on the pipe by means of metal Guide Rings, which are available for all standard pipe/tube sizes. The weld Head mounts entirely on one side of the joint, allowing for pipe-to-fitting welds. The compact head-mounted wire feeder uses standard size wire spools.

The D-Head drive system incorporates heat-tolerant components and a water-cooled housing for use on CrMo and other alloys requiring preheat. Mounting the head on an oversize Guide Ring with adapter feet creates an air space, preventing heat damage.




Weld Head Type

Open arc. Entire Head rotates around pipe. Mounts on pipe using guide rings.

Pipe Size Range

25mm - 356mm (1" - 14")


  • Torch rotation
  • Filler wire feed
  • Electronic torch oscillation (Weave)
  • Electronic Arc Voltage Control (AVC)


  • Multipass welding of tubes / pipes in all gravity positions
  • Full function capability (torch rotation, filler wire feed, electronic Arc Voltage Control, electronic Oscillation)
  • Welds pipe 2.5cm (1") to 35.6cm (14")
  • Welds meet all code standards
  • Water cooled torch uses standard expendables

Industry Applications

  • Fossil Power Plant Construction & Maintenance
  • Steam Generation Equipment Fabrication
  • Nuclear Power Plant Construction & Maintenance
  • Chemical/Petrochemical Facility Construction & Maintenance
  • Shipyard Construction
  • Process Piping
  • Contractors

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