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Tubesheet Weld Head 424

The Tube Sheet Weld Head 424 is designed to make tube-to-tubesheet welds with precision and repeatability. This Weld Head can be used for fusion welding as well as for wire feeding. The Magnatech Tubesheet Weld Head 424 comes with an optional integral head-mounted wire feeder and spool mount as a standard.

Multiple torch positioning adjustments allow virtually all tubesheet joint designs to be welded.

For welds requiring filler wire addition, the wire feeder is mounted on the Weld Head and uses a standard wire spool.  This wire feeder provides the most precise and positive wire feeding available for producing welds of consistent quality





Weld Head Type

Open arc.

Pipe Size Range

10mm - 80 mm (0.4" - 3.1")

Weld Type

Model 424 is ideal for all tubesheet geometries


  • Torch rotation
  • Filler wire feed


  • Lifting eye allows use on a counterbalance for weightless operation
  • Multiple torch angle and wire feed positioning mechanism allow optimum torch position and wire entry angle
  • Simple centering cartridge design allows quick installation without requiring prior installation of expensive custom-fabricated locating fixtures
  • Filler wire spool rotates with the torch - eliminating wire entry problems common with floor- mounted feeders
  • Internal slip-ring eliminates cable wrap-up

Industry Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Seal & Strength Welds
  • Power Generation
  • High Purity/Sanitary
  • Chemical
  • Food Process/Dairy

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